Finishing obtained through high pressure water (up to 2000 bar) able to produce multiple grooves, straight, curved or crossed. Step between lines, deepness and effect of the grooving can be changed as you like.

machines for Grooving


Maema patented this innovative method of rough finishing with high pressure water (up to 2000 bar (29000 PSI)). The use...
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We build custom machines and special options are available on standard machines. Our engineering approach to our customer needs enables...

components for Grooving


Paving components may be produced using wet or dry concrete. Surfaces can be prepared in conventional cement grey, or may...


Precast panels for walls or ceilings in one or more layers, with or without insulation, with or without opening (as...


Curbs may be produced with wet or dry concrete. As with other cast products, the curbs can be produced in...