Natural stone

Water flaming

It’s a finishing obtained through the multiple passage of water at very high pressure (up to 2000 bar). The entire surface is covered by the combination of a trasversal movement of the head and from the rotation of the same; the heads is realized with a series of water nozzles and it’s patented by Maema

machines for Water flaming


Machine patented by Maema for the rough finishing with high pressure water (up to 2000 bar). The possibility to use...

Water flaming machine

Patented system for the flaming with water under high pressure, working pressure up to 2000 bar. A bridge for independent...

lines for Water flaming


Trough the combinations of different machines and by the introduction of conveyor system, loading unloading of the different components it's...

components for Water flaming

Natural stone curbs

Components with an essentially rectangular section, variable length (longitudinal dimension predominant over the other) in natural stone (marble, granite,...)


Slabs of different thickness and width over 600mm in natural stone (granite, marble,…)


Slabs of different thickness and width within 600mm in natural stone (granite, marble,…)