Stepper is a system comprising of a belt conveyor, to transfer the components and one, two or more machines equipped with a double mobile bridge and three working heads each, for the surface treatment of blocks, and paving in concrete. The machining of the components is realized on more steps, while their transfer (from station to station) is realized by a conveyor belt. The feeding of the belt conveyor is intermittent and after each working step a pallet of components can be transfer to the unloading station while the same quantity of components will be transfered from the loading station to the first working station. Stepper is the solution for paving and blocks fully patented by Maema.


  • Working volume: 1400x1400x500 mm (WxLxH)
  • The number of working heads can be configured from 3 to 6. More heads can be added in custom applications
  • Power requirements for operation of six heads is approximately 200Kw (about 270 Hp.)
  • Production capacity is determined by material and type of finish desired.

components for Stepper


Paving components may be produced using wet or dry concrete. Surfaces can be prepared in conventional cement grey, or may...


Components are realized with dry or wet concrete. The exposed surface can be realized with gray concrete, coloured concrete or...