Natural stone


Machine patented by Maema for the rough finishing with high pressure water (up to 2000 bar). The possibility to use different kind of water nozzles and roatating heads allow to realized standard finishing as well as special solution. An indipendent bridge based on four columns keeps the cross slide for the movements of the main working group allowing a big working volume (big flexibility for the thikness).


  • Working volume: 2200x(*)x500 mm (WxLxH)
  • Water pressure: up to 2000 bar
  • Power requirements: 200Kw
  • Production capacity: it depends from type of finishing

finishes for StonDeck®

components for StonDeck®

Natural stone curbs

Components with an essentially rectangular section, variable length (longitudinal dimension predominant over the other) in natural stone (marble, granite,...)


Slabs of different thickness and width over 600mm in natural stone (granite, marble,…)


Slabs of different thickness and width within 600mm in natural stone (granite, marble,…)