Bellacrete for flat panels and Bellacrete for flat and curved panels : Bellacrete is a machine with mobile bridge, sliding on rails, suitable to process concrete flat panels, in order to remove the grout (cement past) and bring up the natural stone, glass or what else, mixed in the panel composition.
Of the same machine there is a version suitable for flat panels and one version for flat and curved panels.
Bellacrete is equipped with 1 or more multifunctional processing heads, according to final user’s production requirements it is available in different models, from the basic to the full computerized machine, controlled by a PC with receipt memorization system and laser detecting system to “read” the areas to be processed or not to be.
Bellacrete can be implemented with various additional accessories to process a tile floor effect cutting, logos, drawings and even to treat chamfers and lateral sides of whole panel perimeter, without moving the panel.


  • Working volume: 4600/6600x(*)x1000 mm (WxLxH) 15’/21′-8″x(*)x3′-3″ (WxLxH) (*) the lenght is theoretically unlimited
  • Working heads: from 1 to 8
  • Power requirements: from 30 up to 200Kw (it depends from the machine version)
  • Production capacity: it depends from type of finishing

options for Bellacrete

Tilting table

Inclined surface

Side working and chanfers (multi heads) smart 8

Side working and chanfers (multi heads)

Side working and chanfers (mono head)

End milling and side milling

False joint

Bull nose

components for Bellacrete


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